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Looking for a  best tutorial on Adding a three column Widgetized Footer to your thesis theme 1.8.Here it is….:-) How to add Widgetized Footer to thesis theme: #Edit your custom_functions.php file #Copy the below code and paste it in your custom_functions.php using a ftp software or thesis custom file editor option just below this line // [...]

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You don’t have an adsense account .Don’t worry a bit:-) Now a days getting adsense account approval has become difficult for bloggers in asian countries like India,china etc..Many blogger fail to get approval through blogger , even with quality content and high traffic. Apply for adsense through any of the below mentioned sites and get [...]

Plugin Central  is a Wp plugin management add on developed  by the  freediver who is a well known author who also created famous plugins like Smart YouTube, Insights , SEO Friendly Images You can learn a lot about him in his site Prelovac Well coming back to Plugin Central ,it’s uses are 1.Automatically installs plugins from [...]

Starting a website is a dream for many students like me.I started my blogging with blogspot ,which is  Google’s free blogging platform.Then i tried on free wordpress.com blog and i was not satisfied with it,as i was not able to use some extra features like plugins in free wordpress blog. Both wordpress and blogspot did not satisfy [...]

If you are Looking for a post on how to create a database for installing wordpress in free hosting providers like koolserve,x10hosting,freehostia.com,host1free .Here it is….Free hosting is only best for learning purposes or for a free start in blogging,if you want to earn money with your blog ,then go for a reliable host like Hostgator,Kvchosting. I [...]

Have you finished installing wordpress.Then there are some essential settings to change in your WordPress Blog after installation… To make it easy ,I have made a list of all the must do settings one must do to improve sites performance. WordPress Privacy settings Make your blog visible to all the search engine robots.Sometimes when installing [...]