Gowtham V

Recently we have to move our blog from blogger to self hosted wordpress  for better SEO opportunities. We went through certain difficulties while moving from blogger to wordpress.So we decided to do a little research on other similar  articles on the net  and came up with this all new blogger to wordpress without loosing traffic guide [...]

Need to search for something,the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind will be  google.com.Google has been doing some major researches to improve search quality and experience,one among the google labs experiments was google voice search. Now  google has introduced its voice search features in U.S regions.After testing in U.S,it will be available soon in India and [...]

JUST WATCH AND DOWNLOAD VIDEO Download video that you watch online automatically to your computer Read  How to download Youtube videos— the best ways possible I am very glad that i came across this software while browsing…Now coming to think of how much GB i have wasted watching  videos  on the video websites such as youtube,metacafe [...]

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