Gowtham V

Flipkart has now sent an apology email to every subscriber regarding the issues with the The Big Billion Day which did not go as planned for flipkart ! It ended up with many unsatisfied customers and many negative feedbacks After many of their customers feeling dissapointed and hating flipkart.After their apology email ,How do you [...]

I have already posted a post on wordpress ping list for 2013. For new this we have come up with a new ping list for 2014 as well.But many things have changed during the past year with Google algorithms changes with the release of updates like panda , penguin and  hummingbird. Pinging excessively might lead [...]

Looking for a Windows 8 Release Preview Product Key , Trial Key or (Serial Keys) ? Then your search ends here ! Microsoft released Windows 8 Release Preview, its new operating system.If you have downloaded Windows 8 Release Preview (RP) ISO and if you are in the process to install it from USB or a bootable [...]