I have already posted a post on wordpress ping list for 2013. For new this we have come up with a new ping list for 2014 as well.But many things have changed during the past year with Google algorithms changes with the release of updates like panda , penguin and  hummingbird. Pinging excessively might lead [...]

Often The New Bloggers are confused on what to choose between these two platforms Wordpress and Blogger .There are other services  like Joomla and Webs but WordPress and blogger are the most trusted and widely used in the internet.Well considering the WordPress platform ,we can either go with a free WordPress blog at or go with a Self Hosted WordPress blog [...]

Ever heard about mailing list? Of course you would have. But to those who just looked at this term and do not know what it is let’s talk about it in the lay man’s language. Have you ever experienced getting regular newsletter from sites that you have subscribed to? Sure you must be having your [...]

Plagiarism is a major problem in the blogging world.There are many tools to check for duplicate content online.Read more about Plagiarism. Below i have listed the Top 5 Websites to Check duplicate content online and their features.Every tool mentioned is unique and provides different features for the users.Choose which tools suits you the best. 1. Copyscape Copyscape is one of [...]