Hurray! got its Google sitelinks today.. We are very happy to announce to our readers that our site has got its Google Sitelinks today:-) What are Sitelinks : Sitelinks are shown in search result of your blog name.The most linked pages within your site will be displayed as Sitelinks .According to Googlewebmastercentral Blog Generation [...]

You are now on Twitter, you are also on Facebook and you have done your best to be on every active social media site your followers are on. After a lot of efforts you just can’t figure out why you are not getting any results in increasing your followers in the social media sites,even though [...]

Are you using IPV6,here is how to How to Change to google public DNS servers  to boost your internet speed.IPV6 is a 128 Bit address and its settings differ form normal IpV4 configuration of dns.This procedure also applies for changing dns address in IPv4. Advantage of using Google Public DNS servers : #You can increase your [...]

Thesis is the best wordpress framework ever created by DIYthemes. As said by Diy themes, The Thesis Theme framework is a premium template system for WordPress that is designed to serve as the rock-solid foundation beneath any kind of website. Features of Thesis 1.8: SEO Optimized  #Built in SEO features like Meta description,meta keywords and much more.This [...]