I have already discussed about co.cc site giving free subdomains of their site which are bad for adsense approval.Now google has removed  the site co.cc as well as the subdomains from their search results . Note: Now co.cc domain is showing up in Google search results normally as before. UPDATE 2014 : If you want [...]

Chrome is the fastest growing and most  used browser which has over 160 million  users  all over the world and counting...Now try out google chrome for mac and linux Operating System. Recently chrome (stable )has released its new version 12.0.742.112 which supports platforms like windows,linux,mac Features of latest google chrome: # Automatic translation in the browser itself [...]

I have spent so much time looking for a 0$ host and found only a few sites upto my need. So i decided to provide a useful list of the best free hosting providers for wordpress,joomla blog and frewebsites Paid  hosting is  recommended for best results and very high traffic blogs.When i was new to [...]

Now the most awaited google voice search (only test version)is made available to  all the people not only in US,also in countries like india,china,japan can also try this new advanced voice recognition technology today.. Today i tried google's voice search feature,it was an awesome experience for me.. For using google voice search in your chrome,just download [...]

I made quite a few dollers  with webanswers.com by adsense revenue sharing system, any one can too by just asking and answering simple questions.. Also read : 200+ Proven Legit Ways to Make Money Online You can also earn money from webanswers ,just signup for webanswers and start making money with google adsense . Join webanswers- here [...]

You don't have an adsense account .Don't worry a bit:-) Now a days getting adsense account approval has become difficult for bloggers in asian countries like India,china etc..Many blogger fail to get approval through blogger , even with quality content and high traffic. Apply for adsense through any of the below mentioned sites and get [...]