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Hai bloggers..Previously we have conducted an awesome adspot giveaway worth 300$ .Now we are going to giveaway Zyma Hosting for three lucky winners.Not one,Three !!! Update :The contest is over and the three lucky winners are announced.The Zyma hosting account login details will be sent to the winner’s via email soon. Zyma is one of the Web hosting companies which is providing best hosting services at an affordable price.Now we are conducting a one year [...]

Here is a tutorial for newbies on  how to install wordpress in Hostgater,Bluehost,Dreamhost and other web hosting services. What is wordpress and why Wordpress: WordPress is the best blogging platform ever created.Google loves WordPress blogs as they are SEO friendly and easy to use.Wordpress is a  free and open source CMS(content Management System)  provided by [...]

I started my first wordpress blog with a free domain name as and a free hosting with Koolserve servers were down many times and the server was to slow but not bad for a start.Then after coming to know about ,i moved my blog to their servers and i was quite happy with them.But [...]