Here is a tutorial for newbies on  how to install wordpress in Hostgater,Bluehost,Dreamhost and other web hosting services. What is wordpress and why Wordpress: WordPress is the best blogging platform ever created.Google loves WordPress blogs as they are SEO friendly and easy to use.Wordpress is a  free and open source CMS(content Management System)  provided by [...]

Everyone must have seen a cool pop up subscription box with facebook and twitter link in our site and other famous sites .This pop up screen will be very helpful in getting more email subscribers using feedburner. Email marketing is one of the best strategies to get more visitors to your site.The more the number [...]

Here is a short tutorial on How to add or upload logo or header image to thesis 18,2.0 themes.With Thesis 2.0,adding a logo will be made a lot easier.Check out the thesis theme 2.0 features Adding a professional looking logo to your blog makes your blog recognizable and it also helps branding of your website.By default the [...]

Hai friends..Looking for a post on how to get a stylish comment,add opinion links in Home page like Mytechshout and shoutmeloud blogs. Here is a tutorial on how to add comments (opinions)and read more links to the home page of thesis theme. Goals to be achieved : To add 1.Read More link in thesis teaser [...]

I started my first wordpress blog with a free domain name as Technoblogger.koolserve.com and a free hosting with koolserve.com. Koolserve servers were down many times and the server was to slow but not bad for a start.Then after coming to know about x10hosting.com ,i moved my blog to their servers and i was quite happy with them.But [...]

Permalink structure plays a vital role in determining a page rank in google search engine.Its important to have a good permalink structure  for your blog. How to change the permalink structure of your site: To change it #Go to Settings tab>> permalinks in your wordpress dashboard #Choose the custom structure option #Enter a structure you want [...]