Often The New Bloggers are confused on what to choose between these two platforms Wordpress and Blogger .There are other services  like Joomla and Webs but WordPress and blogger are the most trusted and widely used in the internet.Well considering the WordPress platform ,we can either go with a free WordPress blog at wordpress.com or go with a Self Hosted WordPress blog [...]

Are you fed up of designing and adding real time stock exchange quotes, scraps and other important data or special mentions on your blogs or articles. No need to bother now. Here we will tell you some of the Top Stock Market Plug-in/Widgets for WordPress while you are logged on your computers. WP Web Scraper An easy to use Web scraper which let you add live stock exchange [...]

Wordpress Shortcut keys can be used for post editing and also for comment moderation.Using Shortcuts for text manipulation while writing post will speed up your writing process and improve your writing skill.Here is a complete list . WordPress Shortcut keys for Comment Editing : To enable keyboard shortcuts for WordPress Comment Editing go to  Administration > Users > Your Profile and [...]

Here is a tutorial for newbies on  how to install wordpress in Hostgater,Bluehost,Dreamhost and other web hosting services. What is wordpress and why Wordpress: WordPress is the best blogging platform ever created.Google loves WordPress blogs as they are SEO friendly and easy to use.Wordpress is a  free and open source CMS(content Management System)  provided by [...]

Smooth  slider Plugin for wordpress is used to add a featured content slider to homepage or to all the posts based upon the setting.This slider will be very useful in reducing site bounce rate at the homepage. Here is a short tutorial for adding a featured post slider to Wordpress blog 1.Download the latest version of [...]