4 Tips to Boost Organic Traffic easily

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Boosting organic traffic is vital for a blog as organic search traffic contributes about 75% of a blog’s traffic.So everyone want to boost traffic of a blog and earn good money? Well, its simple.In this article you will learn how to boost organic traffic.

Search Engine consider many factors and on the basis of that factors it ranks your site articles.Some factors are mentioned below:

  • Great content
  • On-page SEO
  • Backlinking and domain authority
  • Page load speed
  • Proper HTML formatting
  • No hidden links
  • Less content above the fold

Tips to Boost organic traffic:

Boost organic traffic to a blog,tips to boost search traffic
Boost organic traffic for your blog

Contest is the king ( Never forget that! )

Content is everything and never ever forget that!. It is like the CPU of a computer. Contest decides everything. If the content is good than your blog/site is not far away from being successful. Always remember that Bad content i.e. copying articles of different site may help you to get Penalized by Search Engine which is really bad for a website.

Submit Your Site To Web Masters:

Submitting Website to Webmaster Central like Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster and Yahoo Webmaster will help your site get instantly Indexed on Search engines.Refer to posts:

Domain and page authority:

Domain authority basically means how much reputable your website is i.e. how many backlinks it has. And page authority means the backlinks of your page. More the backlinks higher the authority!

Article headline and permalink structure:

Headline of article is very important. Always be catchy and do some research before posting the article. If there i too much competition try another headline and never spam the headline.

Use plugin like Easy WP SEO to optimize your posts for a particular keyword.

Permalinks are also very essential! Read the below post to customize permalink for better search ranking.

If you follow these tips then I am sure that you will get great traffic from Google, Yahoo and other search engines.Hope you enjoyed reading.Do share with us in comments what methods you follow to boost organic traffic to your blogs.Thanks.

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