4 Ways to Prevent Laptops from Overheating

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Hai.. bloggers…:-)Have you noticed your laptop acting strange lately? Have you ever experienced a situation where you are in the middle of using your laptop computer only to see it suddenly shut down without any notice? Then you might be experiencing laptop overheating on your HP Pavilion, DELL , SONY VAIO, ACER or SAMSUNG laptop when you are using it for a very long time.

There is a limit to how much heat your laptop can take and once this limit is exceeded it will become difficult for your laptop to work properly and it will start to misbehave. The good thing is that you can prevent it and should it be happening to you already you can reduce the chances of its occurrence. Below are some tips to help prevent laptop from over heating.


Don’t Overuse it – Always let it have its own rest

The first step towards preventing your laptop from overheating is by ensuring you don’t overuse it. The more applications you run on your computer and the longer you use it at a stretch the more resources it will need and the more heat it will generate. By allowing your laptop to rest occasionally and by limiting the number of applications you run on it at the same time you will be able to reduce the chances of its overheating.

Don’t use it in hot environments – always use it in cool environments

If you really want to ensure your laptop doesn’t overheat another thing you might want to do is to ensure you don’t use it in hot environments. Your laptop alone generates enough heat and using it in the hot sun or in an environment that doesn’t allow enough fresh air might be very dangerous. The best way to prevent your laptop from overheating is by using it in cool dry places only.Using coolers will be a good idea to reduce the heat.


Work on the Placement on Your Laptop – make sure you don’t place it in a way that prevents fresh air from getting to it

If you turn your laptop upside down to take a look at its bottom then you will notice it has four rubbers acting as a stand for it. What that means is that your laptop is only designed to be used on a flat surface and using it on any other surface than that might be very dangerous. Make sure you avoid placing your laptop on the mattress or on clothes at all cost and that will increase the chances of fresh air going through it and thus ensuring it doesn’t overheat.

Always Ensure You Don’t Use it in Dusty Areas – Dust can easily block air from getting to your laptop

The final tip in this article to help you prevent your laptop from overheating is that you ensure you don’t use it in dusty areas. Your laptop has some pores around it mainly designed to allow air to pass through it. If you use it in dusty areas there is every probability that the dust will cover this area which will lead to less air intake for your laptop and thus increase the chances of it overheating.

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