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If you’ve ever thought about affordable business hosting or affordable perfect hosting service, then surely you might have heard about “A Small Orange” hosting provider. I’m not pretty sure about the date of their entry into this market, but they made it to the top easily without even disturbing the customers. Silent killers they’re,


A Small Orange can be called as the new generation hosting service which is perfect in all the cases. Let it be traffic management, let it be the price, let it be the service or anything, small orange has everything under control. You just don’t have to worry about hosting at all after the initial setup, their servers, and the back-end team is making it smooth and comfortable.


A Small Orange is a bit famous when it comes to server’s, few of my co-workers who had been using Digital ocean ( a great hosting service) has moved to small orange. Even few of the companies having great amount of traffic per day has moved to small orange servers to more comfortability. People trust in their servers, also they offer different type of hosting like Shared hosting which is common between all of the bloggers and webmasters. They also provide a business plan which includes the best features so that you can just move on and make the payment without even thinking about it. They provide reseller hosting and cloud VPS too which is pretty amazing.

Their uptime is so great that very few downtime reports are seen. They’re maintaining the servers well, they’re taking care of the huge traffic in different sites hosted, they’re taking care of the customers and they’re totally in control of what’s happening. So you can just sit and watch the revenue growth!


Well, I don’t think there is a hosting provider with bad customer support because customer care is one of the most important feature in hosting industry so every hosting provider is giving a lot of importance to customer care part. Just like every other’s, A Small Orange is also giving a lot of importance to customer care and the team is ready for rescue and help! No matter what!


asmallorange pricing plans

Their pricing package starts from as low as $3 for shared hosting, they charge around $20 for business plans too, but $20 may sound pricey still it’s 100% worth the price you pay. As I already said, they have a great service and great servers which are good for performance and strength. Paying for quality is not going to be a big deal isn’t it? ????


A Small Orange hosting can be used by any kinda user, let it be a blogger, webmasters, company  or anyone who has high traffic or low traffic because it doesn’t really matter. Their service is super awesome and you don’t have to worry about anything after making the purchase because you’ve made a great hosting decision. If you’re running this as a business then I strongly recommend you to use A Small Orange hosting which is going to be perfect to deal with clients!

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Let us know in comments your opinion about asmallorange. Have you used A Small Orange ?

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