Airtel GPRS Settings for Mobile Internet

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To access internet on your mobile device you have to active GPRS and enter settings on your mobile. Let us  learn a few things about GPRS before we activate it.

What is GPRS : General Packet Radio Service provides a data transfer rate of upto 114 kbit per second. That’s very slow when compared to the recent 3G connections provided by airtel.

New Airtel Gprs settings

How to get airtel gprs settings :

Here are a few ways by which you can activate your GPRS and setup the Airtel GPRS Settings on your mobile browser

Automated Airtel GPRS settings or Airtel Internet settings :

1. Go to this official airtel link and enter your mobile number  Link :

2. After that you will receive the GPRS settings via SMS from Airtel .

3. Save the settings and start browsing the internet ( Charges may apply based on the GPRS Plan chosen )

Manual Airtel GPRS settings :

You can also edit your settings manually rather than using the automated Airtel Mobile Internet Settings.

Homepage – The url of a page you want to set as homepage ( ex : )
User Name – Leave it Blank
Password – Leave it Blank
Proxy – Enabled/yes
Proxy and Server address –
Proxy and Server Port – 8080
Data bearer – GPRS or Packet Data.
AccessPoint Name –
Authentication Type –  Normal
Use preferred Access Point –  No

After creating this setting ,save these settings and choose it as a default setting for internet access.

Airtel GPRS settings for China mobiles :

If you own a china mobile, the automatic settings method might now work sometimes. If so you can follow the below steps to access GPRS in your chinese mobile phones.

Step 1 :  Choose Services option in your mobile and go to >> Data Accounts >>GPRS .

Step 2 :  Create a new account or clear a account which is the last like account 10

Step 3 :  Then in that account edit and enter the following details.

1. Account name: Airtel Mobile Office ( Enter Any name you like )
2. APN:
3. User name
4. Password
5. Auth. type: Normal

Step 4 : After entering the details , click on save and choose that account for internet access.

Hope you are able to setup the Airtel GPRS Settings for your Airtel mobile successfully. If you have any problems setting up , let us know in the comments below. We will help you out in fixing the GPRS issues.

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