Android vs iOS – Has Android Checkmated iOS ?

Gowtham V
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With the coming up of Age of Microchips and Apps Development,Google has outwitted Apple taking advantage of Great Steve Job’s Death.In this post i would be discussing some aspects why android has beaten iOS very badly.We will discuss why android has checkmated iOS further in this post.

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Android is Customizable (Open Source) : 

We know that android is customizable ,but you cant open the Apple structure to suite your choice until you do a jailbreak process on your iDevice. But many users get frustrated just because they are not able to customize their iOS and thus they switch over to low money invested Android Device.You can put Widgets any way around in android.

But still Jailbroken iDevice > Android

 Android vs iOS

Customize Android as You want!

Greater Availability Of Android Devices :

The other reason is greater availability of Android platform to various sectors of people.To the fact that iOS is only available to Apple official devices and are of High Cost.On the other hand Android being available from 4000rs to 40,000rs Range gives people and technology geeks a mind set that its cheaper then iOS and is also customizable

Android vs iOS features compared

The Google Factor !

Google popularity chart

The Tech Giants Popularity survey

As we already know that the biggest giant in Virtual world of Internet is Google,and Google Products fail? probability is less then 5 percent! (according to me). As Android is a Google Product + its Google Play  is heavily advertised,its on the plus side of the marketing strategy!.

As you can see from the above image Google Contributes more then Apple,Facebook and Twitter.We can see all these though to be big giants like Facebook is also behind this Larry Page designed Google Company.

Google has realized that in order to beat Apple,they have to attack on their weakness.and that is The Money Factor!As Apple devices cost a lost,thus reach of iOS to common people is less and then thus the popularity in economy like India of Android is much.

As now i have given you some clues why android is expanding ,deleting the energy sources of iOS,can you think of some other reasons? if you have do tell us by commenting below 🙂 We love your suggestions and thoughts 🙂

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  • This war never ends, and there will be no winner. People choose what they like when it comes to smartphone. iPhone and Android are two different flavours and it is upto the users to decide which one suits their taste.

    Anyway, good write up you have here. Keep em coming.


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