Android vs iPhone features

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Before comparing an Android phone and an iPhone we need to take a look at the features of these two devices thoroughly. Initially Android phone used to come next to iPhone. But the situation has turned around and Android is no more lagging behind an iPhone, rather Android is now the biggest rival of the iPhone. With Google introducing new features every now and then the popularity of Android is only growing day by day.In this post we are going to decide who is the king.

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Android vs iPhone features

Android vs iphone featuresiPhone, an Apple product is completely controlled by Apple. But an Android phone is quite open to the market thanks to Google. This tight control by Apple results the iPhone to be costlier, platform dependent, exclusive while an Android phone is quite flexible, easy to handle, compatible with latest hardware. This is one of the main features which make Android phone more popular among the mass than iPhone.

Power and Battery :

The longevity of the phone is one of the main issue that made Android phone popular than the iPhone. An iPhone initially can run 2days without recharging if you use the phone moderately. Later it requires regular charging. Then comes the day when the phone cannot even stand for an entire day if not charged. But the worst feature is there is no chance to change the battery of an iPhone which means you need to buy a brand new phone once the battery is dead. In contrast, android phones from Motorola or Samsung and others provide the opportunity to replace the battery with merely a few bucks. They are not power eater unless you are connected to 4G services.

Platform experiences:

Though the platform of an android phone is quite strong but it cannot surpass the iPhone which has proved to be a blockbuster. Android phones need your patience and needed to handle with care without imagining the techniques alone.The browsing experience in an iPhone is also far better than that on an Android phone. It offers full view and zooming facility at a lightning speed.Apple Compared to Android has a better overall experience.

Resolution and Memory:

Iphone offers better resolution than the android smart phones.The inbuilt memory of iphone is higher compared to android phones.Iphone also provides cloud storage feature.


The iphone app store provides more apps than the android market.Though android offer many free apps,iphone apps provide better usability and more features.Voice command apps (SIRI) for iphone provides rich user experience.


Based on the features ,Apple iphone takes the lead.On considering the low cost of android smart phones , it is more affordable than the  iphone.Though for higher budgets iphone will be the better choice:-)

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