Apple releases iOS 11 developer Beta 2

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iOS 11 beta first version was updated with new features that are suitable for iPhone 7s and/or iPhone 8. The first version of the iOS 11 has some bugs and some issues. So Apple decided to release the second beta with multiple improvements.

Apple releases iOS 11 developer Beta 2 1The latest developer preview of iOS 11 and Features

Do Not Disturb While Driving:

Beta 2 has updated new features. In that Settings option, there is a new tab namely “Do Not Disturb While Driving”. It helps to detect where the phone is in the vehicle and it gives the limit notifications while you are in traveling. Incoming calls will be activated if the phone is connected to the hands-free device or the Bluetooth system. There are many options and you can also enable DND option manually. You can check the feature by going Settings -> Do Not Disturb.

Selecting text from notifications:

This feature helps you to select and copy text from notifications. we are not sure it is a feature or bug. This feature is very helpful in some situations.

Experimental Safari features:

Beta 2 support Safari features. You can enable the option of Safari features like Viewport Fit, Constant Properties,  Link Preload, WebGPU, and so on. You can check the feature by going Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Experimental Features. You can see the complete list of Safari features.

Control Center:

When you turn off your Wi-Fi toggle then the Control Center will disconnect you from a paired device. It is a very big problem nowadays. In beta 2 version there is an option to disable the “swipe up to open” function of Control Center. You can check the feature by going Settings -> Control Center.

iPad Dock changes:

Recently used apps are displayed on the iPad’s Dock this can be done with the help of Show Recents option. You can disable or enable the Show Recents option. This will only display the apps that will appear. You can use many apps at the same time without any difficulties. You can check the feature by going Settings -> General -> Multitasking.

Save to Files:

In iOS11 Beta 2 version added a new option for saving documents, photos, and various other files straight to the new Files app.


iOS11 Beta 2 supports for Hindi Dictation. You can check the feature by going Settings -> General -> Keyboards -> Dictation Languages

Lock Screen changes:

It supports animations. It added a new blurring effect when you are swipe down to see the Lock Screen.

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