Best 5 SEO Tips for Beginners to boost traffic

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Why to give importance to the SEO Thing ?

Search Engine Optimization is the technique used by webmasters to enhance their Blog rankings, getting Organic Traffic,and of course getting priority in Google Search Results.When I started Blogging,i used to write a lot of matter but i didn’t recieved much page views nor any organic traffic.Then after researching i found that the main factor i was missing in my Site was SEO

So with proper SEO techniques, you can rank your articles higher in google and other search engines.For beginners, you won’t know where to start the SEO process for your blog.In this post i will share 5 starup tips to get your started with SEO for your blog.

5 SEO Tips for Beginners To Boost Blog Traffic :

1. Submitting Your Site to Search index :

 What if you write and write? and no one sees your stuff? First step is to submit your site to Google webmasters or Bing Webmasters so as to make them show your site in their search results as soon as possible.Indeed this should be the first step of every new as well as old Blogger.

Read This Article To Get Started:  

2. Rely on Your Creativity and write quality content :

creativity in blogging

I have seen many bloggers who copy whole posts without giving credits to the original site ! Common ! Be a Original Content creator,Google Loves Your Creativity!If you are copying stuff you are effecting your SEO score.That’s why you might have seen that there are more then 1 million blogs on technology but only few are able to survive and reach 100,000 < Alexa and +5 Page Rank.

Quality content is an important factor in determining the PR and traffic of a blog.If your content is good , it will force other bloggers to link to your posts in their blog when they are writing a related posts.So by writing quality content we get more backlinks, more PR and hence more traffic from Google. 🙂

3. Guest Posting:

If you love to write then you would definitely get success in blogging,the more you write for others,the more experience you get,When you Guest Blog on any blog You get Audience to your post as well as earn yourself a Backlink for your site.This enhances your SEO Score for your blog or site.Don’t even think for one second ” Why to write on Other people’s Blog?“,remember a Socializing person is a Good Blogger.

4. Use Meta Tags:

Always Use meta tags for all your posts,as it gives boost to organic search.It helps Search engines like Google,Bing,yahoo to index your site and show your site for a related searched word on their server.Even if you write an original post and dont put meta tags,then Sorry my Buddies Your SEO Score would not be in a good state

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5.Marry With Google + :

Well, yes me not joking in this too,if you want to have good search results for your blog on Google you have to actively use Google’s new social network Google + and inspire your readers to +1 your Content ,because now Google takes in number of +1’s you have got on a post for search results.

So Guys,This is just a initial Trailer of this SEO Movie,in the Future I would be writing on how to Optimize to optimize your blog posts for SEO and other detailed things regarding SEO.So do subscribe to us to receive updates.

Did you find these SEO tips helpful ? Do comment and also think what would happen if you don’t even follow these simple SEO tips ! Result would be that there would be a Virtual Ship sinking in the Sea of Google Monsters known as Google Panda and Google Penguin 🙂

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