Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Beta Review & Pricing

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Bluehost is one of the reliable hosting providers for many years.We have heard many positive reviews of Bluehost shared hosting plan.Its also one of the best hosting providers for WordPress blogs. Bluehost shared hosting is affordable and the most reliable shared hosting out there.Good news for Bluehost Customers is that they are going to launch their Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting Services within a few months.If you are looking for an VPS upgrade or a dedicated server plan, you can easily migrate to the bluehost plans from your shared hosting account easily.Read our review on Bluehost vs Hostgator

As said by Bluehost in their page

” In the coming months, we will launch our groundbreaking VPS and Dedicated hosting service , powered by the legendary technology and service you love.”

You can read more about it in their official blog post – Dedicated Hosting is Here!

Bluehost Dedicated hosting plans

 We had a chance to try out the Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Beta Version a few days back.

I had an invite to try out bluehost VPS plans for only 1$ for the first month.So to make you of the invite coupon,I signed up for the Premium $249.99 Plan.The server configuration seems good and everything is easy to access with their new design.As its in Beta we cannot say much about the features.

I have attached a few screenshots of the cpanel which looks same as the shared hosting cpanel to me.

Here is a screenshot of the pricing of Bluehost Dedicated Plans.In their packages they are offering both dual core and quad core processors and pricing is normal.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Beta Pricing :

Dedicated Hosting bluehost pricing

These Hosting service are in the beta stage and you can try it out for 1$ for the first month by requesting an invite by calling them.

Try out Dedicated Plans for 1$ for the first month

Call Bluehost to request an invite Now (888) 401-4678

We are expecting a lot of features with these hosting plans when bluehost launches them.On seeing the cpanel, bluehost is lacking some of the features the hostgator is providing.Let me know in comments whether you would go with Bluehost Dedicated Plans or Hostgator plans .?

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    Thank you very much for the article… I am using Bluehost as my service provider.. And till now it is working fine…. 🙂

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