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Comment redirect wordpress plugin :

Redirecting after commenting to a page can be helpful if you want to thank your readers after commenting in your post.If you have commented in our blog you might be redirected to a thank you for commenting page.This can be achieved by using a WordPress plugin known as Msmc redirect after comment..After redirecting you can ask your readers to subscribe to your feed,like you in Facebook,Twitter etc… thereby increasing your subscribers and followers

Best 2 WordPress plugins for this job :

1.Yoast Comment Redirect plugin

Yoast comment redirect plugin can be used to redirect a reader who has made his first comment on the post to a page where you can ask him to follow you via feeds,Facebook,twitter.With Yoast plugin,comment redirection works only to your pages and not your posts.

2.MSMC Redirect After Comment Plugin

MSMC WordPress plugin provides the blog owner with the facility to redirect their readers to any page after commenting.

How to redirect after posting a comment:

In this tutorial i am using MSMC – Redirect After Comment plugin.

You can also check out my comment redirect thankyou page which has a subscribe box and facbook and twitter follow links.

1.Download the plugin you want and install it

MSMC Redirection Plugin download link

Comment Redirect Plugin download link

or install it easily using plugin central from your dashboard homepage using the above links.

2.Now activate the plugin

3.Go to Settings>>comment redirect option as shown below

comment redirect,redirect plugin


4.Now  make sure that the plugin is enabled and enter the redirect URL in the text box as shown and save the changes

redirect after commenting,redirect settings

5.You have done it.Hope you have done it successfully.

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Thanks.If you have any questions feel free to ask in your comments.We will be  glad to help you.

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