How to Create a self hosted wordpress blog for free

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Starting a website is a dream for many students like me.I started my blogging with blogspot ,which is  Google’s free blogging platform.Then i tried on free blog and i was not satisfied with it,as i was not able to use some extra features like plugins in free wordpress blog.

Both wordpress and blogspot did not satisfy my need.They both lacked some important features.Do read on to know how to create a free website or blog with WordPress CMS.

Disadvantages of blogspot :

#In blogspot we need to add alt and title tags and must do all the internal linking manually.

#SEO tools like keyword density checker,Meta keyword generators cannot be used in blogspot

#So it was always time consuming using blogspot platform.

Then i  heard about self hosted wordpress software and switched on to a new level of blogging and i am happy with it.

You can also Create your own wordpress  self hosted blog for free.Just read on to see how.

Advantages of self-hosted wordpress blog:

#Many easy to use SEO   Plugins can be installed which cannot be installed in and blogspot

#By using a self hosted wordpress blog,we can make interlinking automatically using SEO smart link plugin.

#Meta keywords can be added to each and every posts in your blog

#Pinging is made automatic

#Many professional themes available

#Many thesis customization services are offered.

#SEO optimized themes like thesis themes are available

Many of the blogspot and bloggers are unaware of the blogging platforms which is used by many top professional bloggers.This wordpress platform makes them stand out from other free bloggers..

How to create a free blog:

So are you ready to start a free wordpress self hosted blog.

To get started there are  two things you need to have

1.Hosting(free hosting in this case)

2.Blogging software(Best is  wordpress)

3.Domain name

Get Free hosting:

There are many hosting companies that provide  free unlimited hosting.You can easily setup a self hosted wordpress blog using free hosting services.

List of recommended  Unlimited hosting providers:

1. x10hosting


There are others too.. but these are the only reliable one’s

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Get WordPress Blogging software:

Download the WordPress latest at the official site

Follow these simple steps

1.Login to the control panel(c-panel)

2.Then install wordpress 3.1.2 .

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Choosing a free domain:

You can have a free subdomain like or like for your blog.This domain names can be registered free when you signup for a free hosting account with them.

Get started Creating a blog with one of the free hosts below



How did you start your blogging journey,Is it blogger or wordpress blog..? We would like to hear from you about  this free wordpress self hosted blog setup tutorial..

Don’t forget to leave your valuable comments 🙂

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