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About DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is one of the best cloud hosting providers which was founded in 2011. They are highly flexible and practical hosting plans.This cloud host can easily meet the needs of a small-to-medium website due to great hardware features and amazing prices. This was the second largest cloud hosting company after Amazon EC2.

DigitalOcean is the cheapest cloud server which will include an SSD hard drive for all their hosting plans .This will make your cloud work at extremely high speeds.  They give more attention on web developer and the small web business companies.

DigitalOcean contains user-friendly control panels and flexible APIs.They stack’s up well with other  cloud hosting  services and other web hosting providers.

Why To Choose DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting?

  • They provide SSD storage
  • Higher bandwidth
  • Super Fast VPS Server ( Droplet) deployment in 55 sec.
  • It contains flexible API.
  • Pricing is based on Hourly or monthly usage, so it is suitable for both small and large business.

Plans / Pricing

Digital Ocean provides only  cloud hosting and don’t offer shared or dedicated hosting plans. The starter plan starts at just $5 a month. So it will cost $0.007/hour when you have a droplet running for an hour. You can also get 10$ Hosting Credit on your new digitalocean account by using these promo codes when you signup for a new account.

Digital Ocean Pricing

Digital Ocean Plans & Pricing


The payment different from VPN hosting providers.It provides flexible and more options for their customers.They also offer $160 a month for High Volume plans .

Digital Ocean High Volume Plans

Digital Ocean runs all cloud servers by using SSD’s so provides high read and write speed which in turn provides better speed. They do not provides  any  money back guarantee and they use an own  hourly payment structure.

Customer Service

Digital Ocean is mainly focused on the selling point and then their customer services.They offer 24/7 support for web hosting but they do not provides any telephone or live chat support.They use a ticket system.Ticket support system gives you the better idea.In this process, we have to submit a ticket for testing and they will check and give what we need.If you do not get any proper response for the ticket which was submitted almost five hours then we have to consider the industry and demands.

Digital Ocean has a pretty extensive knowledge base.They handle most issues and questions that may arise. The extensive community-based support helpful for found the most solutions.

Speed / Reliability

Digital Ocean runs their cloud servers built with Hex Core machines and it combines with the Floating IPs so they will provide excellent speeds and also will have good uptime.

Digital Ocean has data centers located in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, and Singapore.You can choose any of these data centers based on your  geographic location when you are creating a droplet.

Digital Ocean focuses on quality and performance.They not only provide SSDs for high performance but also provides the option to migrate data to other data centers they provide.



Digital Ocean takes your data and everything very seriously and provides more security to your data.Data centers  take more backup power supplies to protect from downtime.Your data are protected by 24/7 physical security. They also provide various access controls services  like  two-factor authentication and biometric readers.

Digital Ocean Security

For authentication services most recommended, key is SSH keys. .The use of SSL certificates is nearly essential in the present day for e-commerce sites and high-traffic websites alike.


Digital Ocean interface is not only easy but also provides a better User Experience. They can easily create,resize and manage all droplets. After creating your droplet you can manage your cloud servers using its inbuilt terminal itself or you can connect to your server using Mac Terminal Window or Using Command Prompt in Windows.

It gives you user-friendly experience.It provides 1-click installs process including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.


Digital Ocean doesn’t offer refunds nor does they have a money back guarantee but they provide the best value for money for a Cloud service provider. They provide 24/7 support for any queries related to the Droplet.
Digital Ocean may be the right choice for your business if you wanted super fast SSD VPS droplet at the best price and a whole community to help you out with issues and tutorials to setup a VPS droplet and run a website or any other online service.

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