1st year Blogging failures & problems that new bloggers can avoid

Gowtham V
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I am happy to inform that our blog MyTechShout has completed its first year of blogging successfully and it will continue to write articles that will help bloggers.Thanks for all your support to have taken us this far in our first blogging year.I have encountered a lot of problem during my newbie blogging days.Here are some of them which you could avoid if you are aware of it.I wanted to write this post to share My First year blogging failures and problems, so that new upcoming blogger can avoid them.

Blogging failure to lean from


1. Choosing Hosting Service:

Always expect the unexpected!.First Problem i faced during my first year in blogging was the hosting service.Since i was new to blogging, i don’t want to invest any money on hosting and a domain name.I was planning to buy a hosting plan and a .com domain name after earning some money from my new blog ,so i started of with a free domain name technoblogger.koolserve.com  in a free hosting service provider koolserve.As a new bie blogger i din’t know that we cannot earn money within few months of starting a new blog.

It was a wonderful experience for me when i installed my first WordPress blog and posted my first post.A few days went smooth.One day my blog went completely missing due to some problems in the free hosting server.Sometimes whenever i was interested in writing a blog post after my college hours,my site was down.It turned out to be a bad experience.I don’t know about the downtime of free hosting servers back then.

Then i found an even better free hosting x10hosting and bought a custom domain name mytechshout.com to use with it.It had less downtime but it had some regulations like server resource usage per hour that i was not aware of until i was suspended for high resource usage.I was suspended again and again .Then after receiving  the money i earned by writing a review for 30$ ,i finally moved on to a paid hosting service at Bluehost.

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Recommended hosting :

Get Bluehost for  3.95$.month and host unlimited sites with it without a problem.Our site runs on Bluehost hosting and i am satisfied with it and its support is awesome too.It also comes with a FREE Domain Name,Free 100$ Adwords credit and many such offers.

2.Writing for search engines:

I posted about some thesis customization tips and found that it was getting high ranks in google searches for thesis customization topics and i continuously wrote to optimize the keywords for the search engines and ended up my blog turning into a thesis theme customization blog:-) But then i realized that Blogging is a lot more than getting traffic.So i started writing for my readers than to the search engines.

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3.Wasting time trying to earn money :

As a newbie i didn’t know that we cannot earn money with blogging within a few months of starting a blog.I earned my first blogging income by making a review of a software for 30$ only on the 7 th month of my blog.So if you want to earn money quit wasting your time applying for adsense when your site has not yet completed 6 months .

4. Failure to earn the money i dreamed:

I was so amazed on seeing many Probloggers earning thousands of dollers everyday online through blogging.I thought of doing the same with my new blog.Its going to be 1 year of blogging , and to be frank i have only earned enough to pay the hosting service and domain cost.Many new bloggers dream of making a big amount of within a few months of blogging.But to say the truth,to earn some money on the internet will need a lot of hard work and it requires patience and needs a lot of time.

5. WordPress Backup Problem:

Have a Backup every second.As i used Free WordPress Hosting when i was newbie,i was not able to use backup plugin in my blog due to high resource usage problems.I always had a frustration due to this problem. When my blog was down,i even got a heart attack thinking that if my files are deleted, my hard work would go waste. A digital property may be hacked or deleted any time.It is highly recommended to backup your blog whenever you update your blog.There are many free plugins like backupwordpress that can handle this task automatically.Now you can concentrate without worrying about your blog getting hacked or deleted.

If you have the passion to become a ProBlogger and want to succeed in the ever competing blogging industry,you must put everything you got into it  the smartly way.And also learn from your blogging failures than worrying about them:-)

I hope that my Blogging failures and Problems will be helpful for many new bloggers to face and overcome critical situations in blogging.Do share with us Success and Failures you experienced in your first year of blogging.Join us here on Facebook and twitter.

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  • Great observations Gowtham. Me too had many problems as a newbie but I realise that mistakes makes us even better. The first thing I should mention about hosting. Just leave all other problems but I strongly suggest everyone to go with reliable hosts like Hostgator, blue host, dream host, inmotion etc.

    • Ya, hosting is an important thing in blogging.So we must make the right decision in choosing the best host possible.
      I am now using bluehost and i would recommend bluehost as it’s a little cheap and reliable.We can also go for other hosting as you have mentioned.

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