How to fix Asus Zenphone 5z Recent Apps Not Showing , Apps Not Downloading Issue

4 Min Read is slowly converting into a phone review and tutorial website and i just bought the Asus Zenphone 5z. Me and many other 5z owners are facing problems such as no recent apps showing in recents menu and also apps not downloading. Here is a list of issues i have faced with my Zenphone 5z with the latest october software update.

  1. Recent Apps Issue – You cannot see the recent apps list show up when you click to the recent apps button on the navigation bar
  2. Play store Issue – Unable to download apps as When clicking on Install icon, it just showing downloading but doesn’t download.

These problems was not present before the october update. Asus just introduced these bugs with the last update and there are no updates still to fix these issues permanently.

But we can solve them temporarily .

Here is how i fixed these issues temporarily.

Fix Recent Apps not showing issue on Zenphone 5z :

I think this issue occurs due to the mobile manager app installed by asus.

So to fix this open the mobile manager and click on optimize and this will fix the recent app issue. It fixed it for me atleast. If not try closing the mobile manager app using force stop option in the apps menu.

Now you can see the apps list on the recent apps menu.

If this solution above doesn’t work do a soft reboot. ( Warning. If you don’t know how to safe boot properly or are not technical enough you might end up erasing all your data in your phone ) Proceed at your own risk. We are not responsible if you end up deleting your data or brick your phone.

1.Power off your zenphone 5z

2. When you power on the phone again hold the volume up and power button and it will boot into recovery mode. Be careful not to reset your phone which will delete all your data.

3. Use the volume buttons to navigate the selection and click the power button to boot into safe mode.

4. Once you are in safe mode reboot the phone again normally it will boot up into normal android mode with recent apps working.

Fix Play Store Apps not downloading issue on Zenphone 5Z

This issue is quite tricky to fix as sometimes it will fix itself after a reboot and sometimes it won’t be fixed.

Here are the steps i followed :

  1. Open the Asus Mobile Manager app and click on optimize button and optimize your phone.
  2. Open the memory optimizer and also optimize your ram
  3. This might help fix the Apps not downloading issue. This worked for me and after a reboot but it doesn’t work all the time.

Being a premium device i din’t expect such massive problems with the recent update. I was fine before the lastest update and the moderators in the forum are of no help. I am pretty sad with the software updates provided by asus for the zenphone 5z. Share this article on twitter or social media pages so asus will notice that these issues are major and provide a quick fix.

Let me know if you have fixed this issue with my tutorial.Also comment below if you are still facing any other problems with your premium asus zenphone 5z. It has good hardware but without good software the experience will become bad .

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  • Playstore download issue – permanent fix as below.

    Hi I was facing same issue since past update and probably have got a solution to fix.
    Simply follow these below steps
    (this is a permanent fix, tried & working till now for me)

    1. Clear app data & cache for google play store app
    2. Reset app preferences from settings > apps & notification > app info. On right top three dots icon select reset app preference.

    This should solve issue, after doing these i am no more facing playstore download problem.

    Do try and post your comments if issue is fixed.

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