Google blocked free domains from search results

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I have already discussed about site giving free subdomains of their site which are bad for adsense approval.Now google has removed  the site as well as the subdomains from their search results .

Note: Now domain is showing up in Google search results normally as before.

UPDATE 2014 : If you want to have a free domain . Its better to start blogging with a subdomain on or as they are authority sites and your blog will perform better in search results even with a subdomain on those platforms. So do go for free domain names as they might get banned again if they are used for spamming widely by other users.

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Reasons for removing or deindexing  the urls of  the site:

1. Giving free subdomains like real domain names. sub domain sites made a mess with google search results with copied content and spamming the net

3.Many autoblog sites runs with free domains.

4.In the last few years, these domains  are widely used by many users  for spamming.

Due to these reasons google has also blocked their site as well form search results

It’s very bad for free bloggers.

Steps to take after google banning users :

Quickly remove the subdomain from your blog address and change to blogspot domain name

# Submit your blogspot url and sitemap to google using google webmasters tools

You might also like to read:

  1. How to submit sitemap to google quickly
  2. How to submit site to yahoo and bing

# Also consider removing your old url from webmasters


Consider posting some new content to get indexed quickly.

You can also move to custom domain names (10$)using blogger too.

Here is a 10% discount in domain name here :

Google blocked free domains from search results 1

Google blocked free domains from search results 2

If you are a user do share your experiance and what steps you have taken to index your blog ?

Do you still trust any other free domain providers ? If you are using one do let us know what you think about using a free domain.

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