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Gowtham V
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Need to search for something,the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind will be has been doing some major researches to improve search quality and experience,one among the google labs experiments was google voice search.
Now  google has introduced its voice search features in U.S regions.After testing in U.S,it will be available soon in India and other asain countries.

Here is a screen shot of Google voice search feature in action.

Google voice search
It shows a small microphone icon near the search button asking the user to speak now.Then the voice is decoded  and returned in text form.

Google voice search is now available for mobile ( preinstalled in android devices).Here is an official video on mobile voice search.

For now,it’s only available in mobile phones like iPhone, BlackBerry, and Nokia S60 V3 phones.


Voice search feature is now available in India and other countries too.You can try it out , Download latest Google chrome and install the voice search extension.

If you are in U.S you can use this feature in phone by visiting this url< link>

Did you get a chance to try this feature in India or in other countries?Have you used voice controlled systems anywhere else?If so let us know…

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