Most awaited Google voice search now available to all users-Try Google voice extension for chrome

Gowtham V
1 Min Read

Now the most awaited google voice search (only test version)is made available to  all the people not only in US,also in countries like india,china,japan can also try this new advanced voice recognition technology today..

Today i tried google’s voice search feature,it was an awesome experience for me..
For using google voice search in your chrome,just download and install the  google voice search extension to your browser here

Where can we use it?
Google voice can be used even in search engines like

# Bing search

# yahoo search

# youtube search

# Even when entering your userid and password in gmail and other areas.

In short , google voice addon comes handy in all the places where you need to enter text manually,but  also remember that as it is only a test version we are going to use , it may not be accurate some times.
Here is a video about my experience with google voice search

Note: It only works with the latest version of chrome.

Hope you have enjoyed this article..
Have some fun with google search with google voice search option.
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