How to submit your site to google indexer quickly-[SEO]

We all know that Google search plays a major role in internet,its very important to get indexed by Google quickly.Mostly for new blogs i will take more time to get it indexed.Though google indexes all your pages automatically ,if you are using free hosting sites like blogger, ,it will take some time for the crawlers to index your blog.

Here is how to submit your site to Google search.

How to submit your site or blog to google for indexing

1.Go to google webmaster tools and sign in using your gmail id

If you are using blogger you will be seeing this screen with a request to add the selected site

add url to google index

2.If you use custom domain  or other free domains  click on add a site button and paste your domain url

add url to google index

3.Then click on the site and choose Site Configuration,then choose Sitemaps

4. Then click on submit a sitemap button and add your sitemap

In the latest webmaster tools your blog url is automatically added so just copy and paste the letters in bold below to add a sitemap

https://your blogspot url/atom.xml


https://Your blogspot url/rss.xml


Your blogspot url /feeds/posts/full


Your blogspot url/feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated


Your website url/feeds/posts/default

Adding blogger sitemaps

5.Your site map is now added for the Google bot for crawling.

Wait for few days and keep posting and login after some time and see the indexed URL’s of your blog and you can also find the keywords,search queries,and many more under Your site on the web tab

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Hope this post is helpful for many newbie blogger looking for a way to get indexed in Google search engine.
I still remember the day when i saw my first URL of my blog indexed in Google.I was so excited..

Please leave your valuable comments about your experience in the comment section below.Happy blogging 🙂

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