How to add adsense ads to header of thesis wordpress theme

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We have previously posted about How to add twitter,Digg,Facebook share buttons to wordpress thesis theme in Thesis Customization Tutorials.

Adding a banner ad near your header logo to the right of the header can get you more clicks.Here is a short tutorial on How to add adsense ads in header of thesis theme.

Add Adsense to right of thesis  Header:


1.Open  Custom_functions.php in your custom folder

2.Copy this php code and paste it into your Custom_functions.php file

function header_banner() { ?>
<div id="header_banner">
[INSERT ADD Google Adsense Ads CODE HERE to place in thesis theme]
<?php }
add_action('thesis_hook_header', 'header_banner');

3.Then add the below css code to the custom.css file

.custom #header_banner { float:right; position:absolute; width:468px; height:60px; top:100px;
margin-left: 45.5em; }

Note:If your header banner ad appears messy,try adjusting the Top pixels[for my site i have change to top:152px]

Great!You have successfully added adsense banner ad to the header of thesis wordpress theme

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