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This post is a Thesis theme customization on How to add google plus one button to your website.If you don’t have a thesis theme skins get one here Thesis theme free Skins download

google plus one button,add Google +1 thesis

Google +1 share button is going to be a great use for all the blog and website owners . To like  page in your site , the visitors must have a google profile and a google account.

Here is a short tutorial to add google +1 share button to wordpress thesis theme.

#Go to google’s configurator to get the code for google +1 share button.

#Now open your thesis custom_functions file using an Ftp software like filezilla

Here is how  wp_content >>Themes>>Thesis_18>>custom>>custom_functions.php

#Right click and select View/Edit

#Now paste the below code // Delete this line, including the dashes to the left, and add your hooks in its place.  or you can just delete the line and add the code

function google_plus_one_integration()
 { ?><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <?php}
 function google_plus_one_output() {if (is_single()) { ?>
 <g:plusone size="small"></g:plusone>
 </div> <?php }}

#Now save the file and your google +1 share button is ready and it will appear to the left by default

#Add a css style to the share button by copying and pasting the below code in custom.css file at the top or in some place

.custom .my-plus-one { float:right; }

#Now this will make  the share button float to the right

#Now its all done and you will see the Google +1 plus button like our’s in your post

#To get a button like mine just replace the “small” into “tall” in the above code like this

<g:plusone size="tall"></g:plusone>

#Now you have successfully added it to your thesis theme.Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial .

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