How to get facebook API Key easily via app

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Before learning how to get Facebook API Key ,we must know what is an API. Application Programming Interface(API) is different from API key.The code generated by the website or application to use the API is known as the API key which  is used to keep track how the application is being used .By getting  Facebook API key,a webmaster can integrate Facebook connect or any fb applications in their blogs.

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Getting bored of the intro.,then lets get started.In this post we are going to  find Facebook API key by using the facebook developers tool.

How to get facebook API Key:

Follow to simple steps to acquire the API key:

1.Login into your Fb account.

2.Then go to Facebook Developer application and click on the Apps Link

facebook api key.

3.Click on Create New App  and enter the App name and other details
facebook API key
4.Enter the email address for for the application hosting and click on continue button,if you don’t want it leave it unchecked.
Create new facebook app
5.Then go to the Apps Page by clicking here or click on App Option on the top navigation bar,then choose the app you have created and you can see the API key and the App secret key below the Settings Label.
Find Facebook api key
Now that you know how to acquire the Facebook API key and secret number, you can start using facebook connect and other developer tools.
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