How to get old facebook chat back for chrome,firefox,opera

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Facebook has been implementing many new features like the new timeline feature and the new look,the first change was with the facebook chat feature.Many of you might like to get the old facebook chat back.

Here is a simple tutorial on how to  get old facebook chat interface back in Google chrome,Firefox and opera browsers.

Here is the screenshot of the old facebook chat

old facebook chat back

Just download these addons according to the browser you are using and install them and then refresh your facebook page.

How to get Old facebook chat back using Greasemonkey script:

 You can get the old facebook chat by installing a Greasemonkey script to your browser.Go on this  link to install the script and  refresh your facebook page.

This Greasemonkey script supports Firefox 5, Google Chrome 13 & Opera 11.5 and its not  supported  currently for Safari and Internet Explorer.


Using addons and extensions :

For Mozilla Firefox :

Go to the download link page and download the Firefox addon and install it and then refresh your facebook page to get the old fb chat back

Download from official site:<link>

For the latest Google Chrome :

For chrome browser download and install the  FB Chat Sidebar Disabler extension for chrome here

For Opera  browser:

Download and install the addon for opera here

Download add-on for opera here

Hope you like this trick 🙂

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