How to Install Android P Beta on Nokia 6.1 Plus

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Install Android P Beta on Nokia 6.1 Plus
How to Install Android P Beta on Nokia 6.1 Plus
Install Android P Beta on Nokia 6.1 Plus

Android P Beta is out for Nokia 6.1 Plus . Here are the exact version as mentioned on nokia’s website.

Nokia 6.1 Plus (Android 9 Pie, V3.25B)

What’s New in this update as per the update file

  • New System Navigation , Settings Menu and Notifications
  • Adaptive battery power prioritisation for user’s most commonly used apps/services
  • Adaptive and optimized brightness levels
  • Google Security Path 2018-10

Nokia 6.1 plus android p

How to install Android P Beta on Nokia 6.1 Plus

Follow the below steps to get the latest android p beta  update on your Nokia 6.1 plus .

Step 1 : Go to this url and login using your email id if you have already registered with Nokia. Or Signup with your Google or Facebook account. I used google account.

Step 2 : Go to setting app on your phone and go to About Phone > Status > and note the IMEI number ( You will have two note only the first one )

Step 3 : Now enter the details like IMEI , Network Operator Name and Location

Nokia 6.1 plus android p beta

Step 4 : After all the details are entered click on the checkbox for I agree to the Beta Software License terms

Step 5 : Lastly click on the Register for Beta labs button.

You will be registered for the beta update and your phone will be validated. If the validation is positive you will see a green status “Validation ok”

Now click on Get the beta software over the air option. Before that make sure you backup all your data. Also tick the checkbox and  Then click on Request OTA button.

Now go to system update and you will see the android P update.

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