How to install multiple wordpress plugins at once with plugin central

Gowtham V
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Plugin Central  is a Wp plugin management add on developed  by the  freediver who is a well known author who also created famous plugins like Smart YouTube, Insights , SEO Friendly Images

You can learn a lot about him in his site Prelovac

Well coming back to Plugin Central ,it’s uses are

1.Automatically installs plugins from the plugin download URL

2.Updates WordPress plugins easily.

3.With this awesome plugin you can install many plugins at a single click.You can download this plugin here

Plugin Central Link < link>

Here is a small tutorial on how to install many plugins at once

#Install Plugin Central

#Go to plugins>>Plugin Central

#Under Easy plugin Installation  ,Paste the download  urls of the plugins you want to install in the given box one after another

install many plugins,install multiple wordpress plugins

#Then after you listed all click on the Install plugins button

Here is a list of  download url’s of plugin which i use in my blog.


It  would have been a lot easier if we could install all the plugins form our hard disk directory .

I would love to hear your opinion about this plugin in the comment section below.Thanks for reading.

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