4 Best ways to get Adsense approval within few days-2012 Trick

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You don’t have an adsense account .Don’t worry a bit:-)

Now a days getting adsense account approval has become difficult for bloggers in asian countries like India,china etc..Many blogger fail to get approval through blogger , even with quality content and high traffic.

Apply for adsense through any of the below mentioned sites and get adsense approved easily within a few days.

Here are a few great methods to get adsense approved within few days or even within a few hours which are fully tested and its an updated list as of March 2012

1.Get adsense approved with Webanswers.com

Getting adsense approved easily

Webanswers is a channel member of adsense  and their users  will be approved    if the users has 10 answers awarded or have more than 100 posts with more than five answers chosen as the best(awarded answers).

If you like asking and answering questions , this will be the easiest way

#Join webanswers- here by just asking a question

#Enter correct details of your address and give your full  name in the webanswer’s profile as adsense will check

#Answer more than 30 to fifty questions with accurate answers

#Don’t   answers the questions  shortly ,make it a few paragraphs .

#After answering 10 questions you will be able to signup for adsense (Atleast have 100 posts or 10 awarded answers before applying)

#Enter the same name and contact details as entered in the webanswers profile.

#Your account will be with 2 days.

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2.Using bukisa.com

Bukisa - Adsense approval process

#Signup for a new bukisa account here

#Activate your account by confirming the mail

#Select Adsense in affiliate section and then select click here

#Select No under do you have an adsense account

#Enter your desired email id for the account and click signup

Note: Its better to have a separate email id for adsense

#Wait for a few days if you are not in america , (for americans it will take only four to five hours )

Google adsense approval time differs form country to country so be patient.

#Wait the account confirmation mail ,follow the instructions to set up adsense in your blog .

3.Using Flixya.com

Note:Google removed Adsense API from flixya.So you cannot use flixya to get an adsense account.

Flixya is a social network to share videos,photos and blogs and it also gives 100% ad revenue.


To get started

#Signup with flixya.com

#Upload two to three unique videos or PPT presentations and create a blog and share unique articles and share more than ten photos

#On the second step you will get a google adsense registration form.Choose a separate email address to signup

#Publication Id will be given and you will be approved within two days.

Note:Stay active in flixya for the few days to get approved quickly


Indyarocks ,Adsense approval easily

To get adsense with indiarocks you mush satisfy their requirements

#Signup to indyarocks.com

#Sign in and click on the earning link on the right side bar in your profile

#Conditions to satisfy

  • Your must have  at least 80% complete profile.
  • Profile privacy must be set to everyone.
  • Must upload at least 10 photos to your profile and the privacy of the photos must be set to everyone.
  • Must post at least 2/3 blogs
  • Content must be unique and the privacy of the blogs must be set to everyone.

#After you satisfied these steps signup for google adsense account

#You will get approved in a few days

You may also like to take a look at Google introduces official search blog-Insidesearch

I hope you enjoyed  this tutorial for getting adsense easily.
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