Import SIM card contacts to Iphone in IOS 7

Gowtham V
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Every new iphone user who is switching from any android phone to an Iphone will ask this question – I just bought a new Iphone and how can i import SIM card contacts of my old phone to my new iphone ?

How to import sim contacts to your iphone 4 , 4s , 5 and iphone 5s on IOS7

Go to Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendar Option and you will find an option called Import SIM Contacts. Then choose where you wanted to import the SIM contacts to, I have chosen to import to iCloud account or your iphone option

Import SIM contacts in iphone

Import SIM contacts in iphone Import SIM contacts in iphone


Now you can see all your contacts is been imported in your contacts application.This tutorial to import SIM contacts works on IOS7 running in iphone 5s, iphone 5 , iphone 4s and also iphone 4. For Iphone 3GS which runs lower version of IOS follow the same process but the options may vary.

Hope this tutorial helped you importing your SIM contacts to your iPhone. Do share with us in comments if you need additional help.

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