Wp feedburner popup free wordpress plugin review

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Everyone must have seen a cool pop up subscription box with facebook and twitter link in our site and other famous sites .This pop up screen will be very helpful in getting more email subscribers using feedburner.

Email marketing is one of the best strategies to get more visitors to your site.The more the number of subscribers , more successful a blog becomes.This pop up is generated by using wp-email feedburnerpop free wordpress plugin.

The pop up screen will look  like this.


Here is a screen shot of how a customized version of this plugin looks like

Read this post to customize your scrolling pop up screen like this Customize wordpress feedburner popup screen plugin (wp-emailfeedburnerpop customization)
wp feedburner pop up customization,popup plugin

About this scrolling popup plugin:

This plugin shows a email subscription box in a pop up window when a visitor visits any page in your site for the first time in a day.It will pop up only one time.

WP-emailfeedburnerpop WordPress plugin download link:

You can download wp-emailfeedburnerpop wordpress plugin here


#The pop up screen will appear only once.

#To see it again you have clear your browsers cache and then load your site again.

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How to Install  WP-emailfeedburnerpop plugin:

1.Navigate to Plugins>>Add New>>Upload

2.Select the downloaded plugin file and install it by clicking on the upload button.

Customization of WP Email feedburner Popup:

You can customize this popup screen as you wish if you know little html.

I will be writing about customization of this Email feedburner popup plugin in a few weeks time.


Read this post for customization  (wp-emailfeedburnerpop customization)

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Do share your opinion about this plugin?Is it helpful in increasing your subscribers?Or are you using other wp popup plugins to get more subscribers?

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