Iphone 5s and Iphone 5c announced and release date

Gowtham V
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Iphone 5s and Iphone 5c released and apple online store has been updated along with the launch of the iphone. IOS 7 update will be available for free for compatible iphone devices on 18th september.

iphone store updated

Iphone 5s release date in USA : For other countries the date might be the same

The iPhone 5s will be sold to the customer from September 20 on the retail store. No update till now on pre ordering iphone 5s

Iphone 5c release date in USA : For other countries the date might be the same

You can pre order your iPhone 5c from September 13 and the delivery will be beginning only from September 20.

We will bring you more update soon. Do subscribe to review free updates. Did apple reinnovate the phone again with the fingerprint scanner. Do let us know what you think about the new iphone 5s and the iphone 5c in the comments.

Will you be buying the iphone 5s or the 5c and save a 100$.??

And the iphone 5 is now removed replacing its place with the 5c and the 5s. Will there be any further reduce in the price of iphone 5 ??What do you think about this. ?

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