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Gowtham V
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I made quite a few dollers  with by adsense revenue sharing system, any one can too by just asking and answering simple questions..

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You can also earn money from webanswers ,just signup for webanswers and start making money with google adsense .

Join webanswers- here by asking a question

Earn money by asking questions online
If you don’t have an approved  adsense account yet  ,you can take a look at   How to get adsense account approved  easily within few days

How to  get an approved adsense account within a few days with webanswers:

If you missed the link above click here to join webanswers

# Provide your full name and contact details while registering(Your name and address will be verified by adsense before approval)

Now start answering  a question like how to make money online so that you can get more traffic.Here are  my best answers for which i got rewarded

# Now answer atleast ten questions with more than 5 lines with quality content.(Donot copy and paste the answers from the internet,Just learn them and write them in your own words)

# With some top answers you will get 5 to 6 rewarded.

# Now apply for adsense approval through webanswers

# The important thing is to keep answering and staying active while your account is reviewed by adsense.

# Wait for the surprise , you will receive your approval with a few days.

# Now your adsense adds will appear  in webanswers pages depending upon your activity.

# According to my experience ,the more the answers , the more the money, but ask some questions too because webanswers runs on questions.

If there are no new questions there won’t be any new pages .So keep asking quality questions and  answering to get more from adsense.

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Did you get adsense using webanswers or by using other websites?Don’t forget to leave your valuable comments 🙂

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