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MaxCDN provides CDN services to speed up your website to your visitors by serving content from servers nearby to your visitors thereby decreasing the load time of your website. MaxCDN provides high-quality customer support.

Use our MaxCDN coupons for 2019 to save upto 25% OFF on MaxCDN coupons.

MaxCDN has a more powerful API is optimized for blogs and e-commerce sites. MaxCDN offering provides potential customers with a highly efficient and cost-effective package.

MaxCDN Coupons :

Check out the latest MaxCDN coupon codes and get the best possible discount on the MaxCDN plans.

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How to use Max CDN coupons:

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Apply coupon on the have a coupon code field and click on redeem button.

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Then your coupon will be applied.

Why Use A CDN?

CDN is very helpful if you have a high traffic website with a lot of images or files hosted on your website. This will help reduce the load and bandwidth on your server by distributing your website resources to the CDN server located around the world.

MaxCDN Plans  :

They have divided the plans into three based on their customer usage.

  1. Entrepreneur
  2. Professional
  3. custom

MaxCDN Coupons 2019 3


This is for monthly and annual packages for bloggers and companies. This package starts from $9/month.They divided this package into three bandwidths.

    • 1TB bandwidth/month –  The price will be $79 per month, 6¢ per GB overage and provides 5 websites(zones).
    • 500GB bandwidth/month – The price will be $ 39 per month, 7¢ per GB overage and provides 3 websites(zones).
  • 100GB bandwidth/month – The price will be $ 9 per month, 8¢ per GB overage and provides 2 websites(zones).

This package provides money back guarantee and provides 24/7 Support.


This is for monthly and annual packages for high-traffic websites and rapidly maturing web services. This package starts from $299/month. There also they divided the package into three bandwidths.

    • 25TB bandwidth/month –  The price will be $1199 per month, 4.5¢ per GB overage and provides 25 websites(zones).
    • 10TB bandwidth/month – The price will be $499 per month, 5¢ per GB overage and provides 10 websites(zones).
  • 5TB bandwidth/month – The price will be $ 299 per month, 5.5¢ per GB overage and provides 7 websites(zones).

This package provides money back guarantee and provides 24/7 Support.


This package provides discounted pricing and builds a package. The price based on Per-gigabyte.It provides custom packages, 1-on-1 Setup Call, 24/7 Dedicated VIP Support, Dedicated Account Manager and it includes additional zones.

Features  of  MaxCDN Coupons 

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Realtime:  It provides instant purge calls, instantly integrates SSL and quickly generates reports.

Analytics: It view, calculate and predict future behavior.

Security: It provides two-step authentication to secure your account and also it create secure tokens.

Support: It provides 24/7 supports.

SSL: It secures your traffic and shared SSL options.

API: We provide documentation and examples for every language, making it easy for you to get up and running.

Benefits of using MaxCDN Coupons 

Speed: Site got faster by using the MaxCDN.

Crash Resistance: Many sites having lots of traffic from social medias that will crush the whole site. CDN allows multiple servers to load so that it will reduce crash.

Improved User Experience: By using the MaxCDN, we can realise the improvement in bounce rate on our site and also page views and numbers of pages viewed by each user.

Improvement in SEO: We have noticed our site ranking higher once we did the optimization on our site.

Conclusion :

Hope our MaxCDN coupons 2019 was helpful in saving a few bucks on the CDN plans. Let us know in the comments if you got any questions.

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