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I started my first wordpress blog with a free domain name as and a free hosting with Koolserve servers were down many times and the server was to slow but not bad for a start.Then after coming to know about ,i moved my blog to their servers and i was quite happy with them.But i have been suspended for high server usage many times, even today i was suspended one time. is now hosted with Bluehost.You can check out Bluehost hosting plans here

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x10hosting Review :

best free hosting provider

Features of the x10 free hosting:

#Unlimited bandwidth

#Unlimited disk space

#Only minimum FTP and Database creations allowed.

#No forced ads -ads free

#You can display your ads

#Perfect for WordPress, Joomla

#Most of the wordpress plugins are supported

Why free hosting is not recommended for a good traffic blog:

Be careful not to use their servers much,you can get suspended.But you can always unsuspend it when you come to know about it.Until then your site will be down …

According to me it is only good for a learning stuff related to hosting and starting a blog at a start only for fun:-) But if you are serious about blogger go for a better hosting service like bluehost. You will be glad that you did 🙂

Free hosting has its disadvantages though..I hope you liked this post..

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Do share with us what free hosting service are you using?Are you using a paid host?You can also try out hostgator where you can choose from various plans based on your budget.

Don’t forget to comment:-)

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    • @ fazal mayar
      Ya HostGater is the best for WordPress hosting and it offers google support too 🙂
      x10hosting can be used for free WordPress hosting.

  • Ah! I don’t know of wordpress, but when i used phpbb with it, they suspended my account due to server overload even when there were not many users/visitors. If you’re using it be careful to not to use too many of plugins or auto updates as they require too much of resources.
    In my view, switch to some cheap host such as ones with just $1/month. They are a lot better/faster/secure and trustworthy than free hosts.

    • @nSingh .Server overload is more when you use many plugins that cause server usage spikes that will lead to suspension which can be unsuspended immediately in x10hosting..For those who cannot afford any money to start a blog or website,this free hosting will serve them best 🙂

  • Hi,
    Thanks for this post. I host a WordPress blog with x10Hosting, both are a godsend, and I am very happy. I was just doing a bit of research since I incurred a minor error message:

    I was refreshing pages and so-forth; since I had been updating a few posts, and installing/updating a few plugins. Upon refreshing, after about45 minuets of doing this, I encountered screen saying “Resource Limit Reached”. I closed my current browser, Mozilla FireFox, and switched Google Chrome and tried opening the site, and it worked just fine.

    I was just wondering what I did to incur this error. How can I avoid in the future? And, most importantly, is the error message in any way related to having a lot of blog post? I plan on adding a new blog post daily.

    I also about 7 plugins installed, which includes floating social icons, and flash tag cloud. Could any of my plugins be causing this? Or was it simply because I was making several changes to my site within a 30 minuet period?

    Any feedback on this would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • To avoid the error “Resource Limit Reached” you should only use plugins that uses only less resources such as the CPU usage and memory usage.
      This error is because that your site have used up the resources allocated for your site by the free hosting provider.
      To avoid these errors and if you want to use more plugins,you are recommended to use a paid hosting plan.I have now moved to KVChosting service.
      For more info about hosting,Feel free to contact us via .

      • Thank you for the reply.

        I decided to just switch to HostGator.

        I could have made x10Hosting work, but I really love having a lot of photos, and cool plugins!

        I did do a lot of research to find x10Hosting, since I wanted a free hosting server that wasn’t so limited as most others. I really like the cpanel, smtp, forum and unlimited features. I would still recommend x10Hosting over the rest of the free web hosts out there.

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