Nokia 6.1 Plus Problems and Review

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I just bought a Nokia 6.1 Plus. I was using my old iPhone 6 before i bought this new nokia 6.1 Plus.I can notice a lot of issues with this phone i got but i cannot find anyone with the same issues online so i decided to write about it in my blog. I was an iphone user before so i might be nit picky. I cannot find these issues mentioned on even XDA forums. Maybe it will take a while before everyone posts some issues about the Nokia 6.1 plus.

Update : So i got a replacement and the Technician who came to give me a replacement dropped the phone to be replaced with only a plastic cover on it after he checked and approved the return. It survived without a scratch. Read below for the updated review and problems.

Nokia 6.1 Plus problems

Nokia 6.1 Plus Problems :

Power Button Wobble :

First problem i noticed is the power button wobble. I don’t know if it is only present in my phone or it will there on all Nokia 6.1 plus. I have requested a replacement. I will check when the replacements arrive and update this article soon.

Update after replacement with a new device  : Now i am still facing problems with the power button ( Now its the volume button too ) it’s not fitted properly. Nokia seems to have poor quality control during the assembly process.  

Display problem and input lag :

I see white dots on the display and i can only see it on a white background and at an angle. Here is a photo taken from my old iPhone 6.

Update : Though the touch response on this replaced device is improved and there are no white dots yet to be seen on the screen , the screen has a pink tint to it.

Display Pink Tint while locking :

Ok i found another problem with the display. It shows a pink flash screen just after you press the lock button . You can notice it when you are using an app with white background. I don’t know whether this is my device specific issue. But the pink , rose tint is certainly noticeable issue i find in this replacement device.

Software not optimized for smooth scrolling. It just shutters :

The phone just shutters when i use google chrome to browse any web page. This is either bad software optimization by Nokia or an issue with my device only.

Update : Lags are still noticeable even with the new device. So it’s mostly a software problem.

Heats up even during normal usage :

The phone sometimes heats up at the bottom chin. Why ? The processor is actually at the top end so i don’t know why is it heating up at the bottom after normal browsing with a little sunlight.

Update : Still heats up in the replacement device too . Found out that the heating was near the speaker which is cracking so maybe the speaker is the problem for the heatup at the bottom bezel.

No notch hiding feature :

I cannot hide the notch for some reason now after the latest September update. The feature was removed during the update and Nokia has promised it will add it back in the upcoming update. We don’t know when.

So these are all the issues i have been facing with my phone. Here are some things i like about the phone and why i bought it.

Built Quality :

Now i can see that the fitting of the screen to the aluminum frame and also the back glass is not fitted perfectly. There is noticable gaps between the glass body and the aluminium frame. In some parts that gap is filled with gun. Why would you let these noticeable issue pass through quality testing ? Anyone with a keen eye can see these. I have uploaded some pictures below for reference. It’s not ok for a device for more than 15k rs.

Nokia 6.1 Plus Review :

Compact phone compared to Redmi Note 5 and Note 5 PRO , Asus Zenphone Max Pro M1. So the screen is only 5.8 inches with an FullHD resolution so the PPI is a bit higher. I wanted to not notice pixels at the edge of the icons so i know that having a higher PPI will ensure no pixels to be noticed so easily. I can see square corers on the OnePlus 6 when i tried one of my friends phone. Nokia 6.1 screen also has deeper blacks than the competitors. This is due to Nokia 6.1 Plus having a higher RGB colour reproduction.

I do like this phone a lot due to its form factor and stock android experience and good processor. Only if Nokia was able to deliver a higher build quality and good speaker this would be an awesome phone.

So the phone is a good buy if you are ok with some minor issues. Good value for money. But for me the build quality is not up to the mark of a 16k rs smartphone in 2018.

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