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Web designers and websites are gaining momentum these days due to their demand. With so much appealing websites available on the online market, every designer looks out for some good and convenient tool to convert PSD files to HTML 5 codes. There are many paid services offered to convert PSD to HTML online. But if you just want to convert it fast you can use these online based tools. These tools reduce the burden of coding for designers and saves a lot of valuable time.

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Best Free Online Tools to Convert PSD to HTML :

1. PSD to HTML Convertor 

Convert PSD to HTML online

Almost everything is done by services software; no effort is required when using PSD to HTML converter.
Although its fully automated tool some of the tips would surely make psd to html conversion creative and improve quality of the html code.
Tip #1- mark few layers with tags, while converting a Photoshop layer into link.
Tip #2- Unite all the layers in the Photoshop to groups, helping software service to create a proper HTML document structure.
PSD to HTML is popular tool for converting Photoshop design templates to CSS or XHTML.

2. PSD to Web Converter 
PSD TO WEB Convert .psd files to html online.

It’s the first ever conversion tool that converts Photoshop .psd files to html. It significantly reduces time and effort involved in creating simple html pages for bigger web projects. A good tool for web agency where manually adding images from Photoshop to html files is time consuming.

3. Jadii 

Free Online PSD to HTML Converter

Jadii coverts text layers to web safe fonts, apart from converting psd to html. Not only this, jadii correctly places images and optimizes the location on website. Website designs created through Photoshop as a psd file are fed into main page of jadii software and within few minutes, a site is generated in strict html. The services are free of cost. The text layers in the photoshop are converted to html fonts, color and styles.

4. PSD 2 CSS Online 

Psd to Html Free Online tool

Psd to Css online is a free tool to convert your psd files to Html and css.Just upload and wait for a few minutes and your file will be ready.

Update : Only few services will work properly. I have faced some issues with converting PSD files to html with  psd to web online tool. Hope the problem is fixed now.

Hope this list of the Best Online tools to Convert Psd to Html was helpful.Which tool would you prefer- Free or the paid ones ?? We would love to hear from you in the comments.

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