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Submitting site to Yahoo,Bing,Google will drive organic search traffic to your blogs.This plays a vital role as search engines drive 80% of blog traffic to a blog.We can submit site to yahoo,Bing easily by the below method

Submit site to yahoo :

Just follow these simple steps to submit your blog to yahoo and bing indexing.

#Login to Yahoositeexplorer

yahoo-site explorer

#Add your site url in the add my site text box

y Site Explorer,Yahoo Site Explorer
Site Explorer – Yahoo! Site Explorer

#Then click on Add my site

#Then sign in using your yahoo mail id.

#Add your site feed url to yahoo site explorer by clicking on your site and

then go to feeds present on the left column

Yahoo -Add  feeds
*Now add your blog feeds as shown on our previous post
#Its all done..Your site is ready to be crawled  by the yahoo bots.

Submit site to bing:

Now its time for microsoft’s search engine Bing  url submission

There are two ways to submit your blog to bing index The easy way

#Go to Bing URL submission page

#Just enter your homepage URL and click submit URL The second way- Using Bing webmaster tools

#Go to  Bing webmaster tools

#Login using an hotmail account if u don’t have create one.

#Then its pretty much like google webmaster tools only

#Click on ADD SITE  and Enter your homepage url

#You will be asked for ownership verification,click on the second option that is

Option 2: Copy and paste a tag in your default webpage

#Go to Design>Edit Html and then Copy and paste the <meta> tag text in your blogspot template just below the <head> section like this and save your template.

#Then click on verify and install silverlight on you computer *Go to Crawl tab and choose sitemaps on the left side of the page and add your site’s
sitemap as mentioned in Submit site to google

For better seo make sure your site has some unique content and optimised for google and yahoo search engines.

Your suggestions on this topic will be welcomed 🙂

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