Test your site speed with Google official page speed test extensions for Chrome & firefox

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The official page speed test extension is now available for Latest Google chrome  and this extension is supported for

  • Mac OS X (x86 only)
  • Linux x86 and x86-64
  • Windows XP,vista and above

Using this Speed Test extensions you can analyse your sites and even fix some issues with this extension itself.You can also install a page speed extension for firefox.

How to install page speed test extension for latest chrome:

#Open a new tab and navigate to about:flags 

# Go down to Experimental Extension APIs and click on the Enable  link

Note:This setting is very important if you didn’t enable  Experimental Extension APIs in the flags you cannot install the page speed test.It will show an error like this

‘Loading extensions with ‘experimental’ permission requires –enable-experimental-extension-apis command line flag


#Then  click here to install Page Speed for Chrome 

#Restart your browser and then use Speed Test to test your site.

How to run Speed test in Chrome:

#Open the site for which you have to test the speed.

#Then right click on any area in the site page and select Inspect element 

#The Developer Tools window will open at the bottom of the page

You can open this also by going to  the

  Wrench menu  at the top-right of chrome browser , select Tools >> Developer tools or by using Keyboard Shortcut Shift+Ctrl+J

#Then click on Page speed option in the Developer tools box

#Then Select what you want to analyse in the drop down list

1. Analyze Entire page

2.Analyze Ads only

3.Analyze trackers only

4.Analyze content only

#Click on Run Page Speed  

Firefox Page speed Extension:

To install  Page speed 1.12 addon for Firefox

#Open your google webmasters tools account in Firefox and migrate to Labs >>Site Performance option

Webmaster Tools -Site performance

#Click on Install Page Speed

How to run Speed test in Firefox 11.0 and above:

1.Download the install Firebug Add-on for Firefox here
2.Restart your browser and go to Tools > Firebug > Open Firebug
3.Then Select Page Speed and then Select your options and click on Analyze Performance
By analysing the pages you can optimize your site for best performance according to the Google Page speed Rules.
Read more on how to use speed test here
Hope you liked this post.Do comment your opinion about this page speed test extension?
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