Top Stock Market WordPress Plugins For A Blog

Gowtham V
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Are you fed up of designing and adding real time stock exchange quotes, scraps and other important data or special mentions on your blogs or articles. No need to bother now. Here we will tell you some of the Top Stock Market Plug-in/Widgets for WordPress while you are logged on your computers.

Stock market wordpress plugins

WP Web Scraper
An easy to use Web scraper which let you add live stock exchange scraps cricket scores or any other original data. It uses WP_HTTP for scrapping and phpQuery or xpath for anatomizing HTML. There are various features included such as it does easy execution through buttons in page editor, Configurable caching, and user agent can be set, Scrap output can be displayed via customized template tags and text widgets, neat error display messages, pass post arguments to a scrapped URL. It also offers a call back feature for data parsing, dynamic conversion of the scrap and many more.

WP Stock Ticker
It is a Plug-in which allows you insert a scrolling down ticker on your posts, Templates or the area specified for Widgets in your WP themes. The Financial Data highlighted is taken from Yahoo Finance. Display codes from different companies such as AAPL, and the commodities available. It also shows the currency exchange rates with Yahoo Currency codes such as NZDUSD=Z (New Zealand Dollar against the US Dollar), USDAUD=Z or AUDUSD=Z. There is also a pro-version which offers unlimited commodities, Currency pairs, Controls data caching time. Cached information will be displayed when Yahoo! Finance will be unavailable.

StockTwits Widget
Want to Show the most recent post right against your articles.? StockTwits Widget as the name suggests is a widget which show the latest posts from website. Shows the ticker stream or all the stream stock messages. The messages are shown in different styles say as a widget, a post or as a theme. It’s very easy to run, all you have to do is just drag and drop it in the Plug-in directory and run it to get it activated. Then choose the Default plug-in settingsfrom the settings button. Now its your choice that you add it as a theme code, widget, or simple code method to your blog. Stock Ticker Linker
This is another plug-in which auto searches blog content for Ticker symbol in your stock articles and link ticker symbols to research pages. It provides the users with high technology tools such as charts, data, professional comments, ongoing trends on the web. To run this Plug in you just have to add it into WP installation and activate it.

Free WordPress Stock Market News Plug In
Shows the latest news headlines right on your website through this Free WordPress Stock Market News Plug-in. You can also customize the news to be displayed with different colors, title text n more. You can also bring the widget to your sidebar. You should make sure that the links should not be moved.  Also the widget should be hosted on a website because it won’t work when loaded on your system.

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Hope you liked our collection of  Top Stock Market WordPress Plugins.Do let us know what stock market plugins are you using for showing real time stockupdates and stock data in your blog.? Don’t forget to comment.

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