How to Unlock Huawei E5330 Wifi Router

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Huawei E5330 Pocket WiFi is a portable device which connect all portable wifi devices and supports Windows/MAC/ iPhone, iPad / Android and Other Smart Phones and Tablets.Follow the below methods for Unlocking your Huawei E series Wifi router


METHOD 1 : How to Unlock Huawei E5330 using Huawei Unlock Software :

Step-1: Make note of IMEI number and generate unlock code using IMEI from Huawei code Calculator and note it down.

Step-2: Insert any other operator’s (Different operator than current using) sim card into your Huawei Mobile WiFi E5330 .

Step-3: Connect the hotspot created by your router and Open or https://pocket.wifi.

Step-4: Select Advance settings and click on Unlock device from Sim Settings.

Step-5: Now a dialog box will open, enter the Unlock Code which you generated in step-1.

Step-6: Click on Apply Option and your modem will be Unlocked successfully.

Method 2 : Unlock using DC UNLOCKER :

Before going through the steps, set the adapter bindings by following instructions on the dc unlocker site. Also insert different operator sim card than currently being used and connect the device to PC using USB cable.

Step-1: Launch a DC-Unlocker client

Step-2: Detect the device by selecting Huawei modem from select manufacturers drop down list, set auto detect in select model  drop down list and click magnifying glass button.

Step-3: Wait till the DC-Unlocker fully detects the modem.

Step-4: After that open the server tab, enter your username and password that you received after credits purchase. Click on                               “Check login”. ( You can buy credits from

       Note: If you can’t login or get error connecting to server after connecting to PC, Check Adapter setting.

Step-5: Open the Unlocking tab , then click Unlock and wait till you see “Modem successfully Unlocked” message.

Step-6: After receiving Unlocked message, restart it. Now you can use with any sim. Your modem is unlocked successfully.

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Hope you learnt How to Unlock Huawei E5330 , e5330bs-2 . This method also works to unlock huawei e5330bs-2. Leave your feedbacks in comments.

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