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Earning money online is an easy task if you know how to do it.! But the thing is that it will take a lot of time to figure it out.The same method of making money online will not work for everyone.One will be lucky in making money with adsense but not with affiliate programs and the other case is a vice versa .So you must try out everything and learn what works for you the most !

I have been using thesis theme for an year now and also i have upgraded to developers version recently.Now i use it in all my blogs.From my experience ,I could say that there is no other SEO optimized and easily customizable theme like thesis.If you have been a reader of Mytechshout,you would have known a whole lot about the features of Thesis WordPress Theme.If not you can read out post about the awesome Thesis theme 1.8 Features or the upcoming Thesis theme 2.0 features .

Why Join Thesis Theme Affiliate Program :

I have  signed up for thesis affiliate program a few weeks back and promoted thesis themes to my readers. To my surprise i have made some sales even within a few days of signing up with it.Awesome right.! It’s all because i have been continuously writing about WordPress and thesis themecustomizations.So if you have a blog about WordPress Themes or Theme customizations,many of your visitors will be tempted to buy it. Thesis Theme Affiliate Program pays 33% commission for the sales you have made with them.

How Much Money can you make Being a Thesis Affiliate ?

Thesis theme affiliates

Imagine if you can sell 100 thesis themes in a month through your affiliate link,then they will pay you5000$ in that month ( If the average commission per sale is considered as 50$).Since there are two options of thesis theme,the commission will vary based on what options the customer had bought.

Signing up for thesis theme affiliate program is free and its available for everyone.You can be a thesis theme affiliate even if you don’t own a thesis theme.Diythemes had teamed up with ShareASale for promoting their thesis theme by affiliates.

Join Thesis Affiliate program Now

After signing up for ShareASale.Go to Merchants>>Search for Merchants Option and search for  DIYthemes merchant and enroll in the DIYthemes Affiliate Program and start Earning Money 

ShareASale Advantage :

Promoting Thesis Theme :

All the affiliate banners and links will be provided in the ShareASale account itself.As thesis theme is one of the best WordPress Themes with a lot of support and resources,promoting it will be an easy task.

For promoting any theme or digital product you must write about it, the same will apply for thesis theme too.The more you write about it ,the more the sale you will get.!!

Have you bought thesis theme? Or are you planning to Buy one ? Do let us know your opinion in comments. 🙂

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