Why to choose a SEO Website Design for blogs?

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Well! Website design is one of the most imperative things that you should concentrate on while designing a website for Internet business.

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Why to choose a SEO optimized website design:

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When you give a thought to designing a website for your own website, chances are high that you think of a website with the bells and whistles – wonderful images with flash, viewing audio – the works! But, uncertain to you personally, these factors may very well destroy your enterprise because what shows up appealing on the face is detractive in terms of search results positioning.

In case your website has these factors, it is immediately downgrade to a considerably lower rank even if your unique content is relevant and you’re utilizing leading edge technology.

According to a recent survey, which showed some dreadful results, one out of every ten website designers believes that SEO is not their business. And more seriously, more than 24% of website designers don’t have the idea concerning what SEO is! Before discovering the causes to choose from an SEO friendly website design, it is necessary to know what this is all about.

You notice major search engines engage automated ‘web spiders’ to crawl via web pages. Each of these ‘web spiders’ collect information and facts relating to the website. The data they glean enables them to figure out the relevance of a website for particular keyword phrases. Now, you should understand that these are also automated software that has been hinted to crawl via websites in a certain method. They put the information they gather in a folder. Therefore, when a user requests a keyword, the search engine dips into this folder and displays sites based on relevance. Sites that ‘seem’ more related come out on the top, while those which are not, end up at the bottom.

Despite the fact that design factors alone are not liable for dismal search engine rankings, they also play a necessary role.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional website designer or perhaps a company owner, it is recommended to know why you must always look for an SEO friendly website design.

Advantages of seo optimized website designing:


  •   A Search Engine Optimized  website design is a great way to take care of traffic form the major search engines. If major search engines are not pleased with your design and layout, you can’t expect more traffic either from referral back link and direct traffic.
  •   Research illustrate that about 45-65% of web traffic to any website comes from major search engines. Thus, a website design that isn’t search engine friendly is washing its hands off this amazing traffic volume.
  •   Usually, an SEO friendly website design is likewise incredibly easy to use. Thus, making sure you use appropriate code of HTML, goal adequate keywords via content and meta tags, employ ALT tags, utilize proper links etc, get the website quick to download and easier for the user.
  •  An SEO friendly website talks good quality webpage design. If you’re a firm with some more standing, like the ones of webpage you have got impacts your company value.
  • Google robots and the other search engine robots can easily crawl your blog if the site is well designed

Let us know how highly recommended SEO website design is? Share your opinions with us in the comments.

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This post is contributed by Mohd Aktar who is an expert author. He is currently working for web development company in Taiwan, which is one of the leading web designers in Dubai that provides web design solution in Kuwait, Bahrain, Sharjah and Middle East.

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