WordPress Keyboard Shortcut Keys You Must Know

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WordPress Shortcut keys can be used for post editing and also for comment moderation.Using Shortcuts for text manipulation while writing post will speed up your writing process and improve your writing skill.Here is a complete list .

WordPress Shortcut keys for Comment Editing :

To enable keyboard shortcuts for WordPress Comment Editing go to  Administration > Users > Your Profile and Check the Keyboard shortcuts Check box to enable it.

For comment action use the following shortcuts

  • Press A to approve the selected comment.
  • Press S to mark as spam comment.
  • Press D to Delete the selected comment
  • Press Z to restore the trashed comment.

For more information about comment moderation Shortcut keys read

Keyboard shortcuts for WordPress Rich Text Editor:

You can use these following shortcuts while writing posts in WordPress Rich Text Editor.There are also some extra features like the Writing at full speed Shortcut Keys rather than the displayed shortcuts in the editor which you might not know yet.

WordPress Posting shortcuts

Write faster without using mouse using these WordPress Editor shortcut keys.Use Ctrl+Letter for Windows and Linux and Command + Letter for  Macintosh

Ctrl+Letter Shortcut Keys:

CTRL + U        – Underlines the selected Text

CTRL + B        –  Bold   (Alt+Shift+B also works)

CTRL + I         – Italic (Alt+Shift+I also works)

CTRL + 1        –  Heading 1

CTRL + 2        –  Heading 2

CTRL + 3        –  Heading 3

CTRL + 4        – Heading 4

CTRL + 5        –  Heading 5

CTRL + 6        –  Heading 6

CTRL + 9        –  Address

CTRL +Z         –  Undo

CTRL +Y        –  Redo

CTRL +A        –   Selects all the text

CTRL +C        –  Copies the Selected text

CTRL +X        –  Cuts the Selected text

CTRL +V       –  Pastes the copied text

Alt + Shift + letter Shortcuts:

Alt+Shift+ N      –  Check Spelling

Alt+Shift+ E      –  Switches to HTML mode

Alt+Shift+ P      –  Insert Page Break tag

Alt+Shift+ M     –  Insert Image

Alt+Shift+ H      –  Help

Text Decoration:

Alt+Shift+ B      –  Makes the selected text Bold

Alt+Shift+ I        –   Makes the selected text Italic

Alt+Shift+ D       –   Strike through outdated links and information.

Alt+Shift+ U      –   Makes an Unordered List

Alt+Shift+ O      –   Makes an Ordered List

Alt+Shift+ Q      –  Blockquote

Text Alignment:

Alt+Shift+ L        –  Align Text Left

Alt+Shift+ C       –  Align Text Center

Alt+Shift+ R       –  Align Text Right

Alt+Shift+ J       –   Justify Text


Alt+Shift+ A       –  Insert or Edit Link

Alt+Shift+ S        –  Unlink or Remove Link

Alt +                        – Wider (Widens the Editor window)

Alt  –                        – Narrower(Shrinks the Editor window)

Alt 0                        – Default Width

Here is a Screenshot which you can use for your reference

Wordpress post editing shortcuts keys

Wordpress shortcut keys


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Hope you enjoyed this post.I have come to know about these shortcuts while accessing the Help Option in Rich text Editor and i liked to share with others.The most important WordPress shortcuts we can use are the Add Image and other Media shortcut option(Alt+Shift+M) and the Text decoration Keys. Do comment your opinion below:-)

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