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WordPress is a wonderful content management system (CMS) we bloggers and webmasters has ever tried our hands on. WordPress has its own features, it’s own uniqueness to stand out of the crowd like a boss. Even Mark Zuckerberg use premium WordPress for his charitable trust website. Basically, every WordPress lover and every blogger or webmaster out there, are not totally satisfied with the hosting service they’re using. The primary reason behind the dissatisfaction is nothing but down time and weird service. Most of the hosting providers are guaranteeing 99.99% uptime, but 99.99% of the hosting providers are wrong. As a blogger, I’ve tried many different hosting services and none of them made me totally satisfied, but there was something called WpEngine which made me satisfied with “perfect service”.

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WpEngine is a web hosting company, they primarily focus only on Managed WordPress hosting. Their service is perfect, I’ve tried them once for my client’s website and the result was amazing, you’ll literally forget the term downtime if you’re using WpEngine. Their service and the servers, both are perfect!

If you get a lot of traffic and if you want to get premium WordPress managed hosting service, then WpEngine is the best hosting provider available out there in the market right now. Huge companies like AMD, Yelp etc are using their premium service which is crafted with perfection. There are some specialities with WpEngine which makes me say, “they are perfectly crafted”.


The web should be fast – Google

The business of every internet company comes from Google, at least 1% of their sale should come from Google. As we all know that Search Engine Optimization is an important part and website speed is a seriously important factor to boost up your ranking status on Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page).  Google considers website speed as one of their important parameter, so using the right hosting service especially if you’re using WordPress, then managed hosting is something we would love to suggest you. WpEngine servers are fast, they respond at the speed of light which indirectly helps you to perform well on SERP. Users will be happy to return to your WordPress website if the site is responding faster than other websites.


Hacking, phishing etc stuffs are really eating the brain of webmasters and bloggers, it really is! Securing the information, the contents etc is very important in running an Internet business. The right server has very less loopholes, which makes it damn hard for professional hackers to get in. WpEngine is one of the most secured hosting provider available out there in the entire hosting industry, I should admit that. They give a lot of importance to security and they even monitor their server 24×7 to get rid of security issues. You can sleep without fear, WpEngine got your website under control. Especially if you’re running a website which collects user’s data or account details or even card details (woocommerce), then WpEngine is a must use hosting provider because I don’t really think there is another secured managed hosting service like this.


Believe it or not, the uptime guarantee is 100%! Seriously they have their servers totally under control. As a customer we don’t really have to know whether our hosting provider is facing an internal issue or he might be doing a server maintenance. It’s totally not our business, it’s their business and they’re totally responsible for the downtime we face. When we pay the money, we expect the best uptime, but 99.99% uptime guarantee is not cool, you know what is cool? 100% uptime guarantee is cool! WpEngine provides the best uptime and you never miss a single traffic or a single sale that comes into your website. Sleep with your pillows close


As you know that WpEngine is a managed WordPress hosting service, so they primarily provide a lot of features that makes a WordPress site do the best it can. You cannot see any other hosting provider rather than premium WordPress and WpEngine which provides managed WordPress hosting services like this. The control panel is not really the same like we have in other hosting services, as WpEngine is totally depending on WordPress, the control panel and all looks different, but if you’re stuck, call the


Customer support is available 24×7, they’re also fast and reliable. Their communication is perfect and they take customer’s problems seriously, also take immediate actions. Let it be anything, you might not know how things work, you might be facing some issues in using WpEngine or whatever, you can ask the customer support by giving them a call or chatting with them. They solve your problems like phew!


Their package may sound pricey, but I don’t think they’re too costly considering the services they provide. None of the hosting providers out there are providing the services they guarantee us, only very few hosting providers like WpEngine is keeping their word. WpEngine’s pricing differs according to the traffic, storage, here is the pricing plan screenshot.

*Pricing plan screenshot here*

Their plans starts from $29 per month and goes upto $XXXX per month depending on the traffic  you’ve andand storage you want and other features you want. If I’m running a business with WordPress then I’d probably go with WpEngine as because it helps me feel free with the guaranteed services they provide. They also have enterprise packages which might be costly (depends), but I’m sure that it will be something!


I’m not interested in confusing you with a lot of technical terms and talking long about the size of the screw used in their server. WpEngine is the best managed WordPress hosting service available out there and there is no doubt about that. They provide lots of features, especially the uptime, speed, security etc which are the primary parts we should take care of, they provide the best in class service with great customer support.

It doesn’t really matter how much traffic you’ve, if you’re profitable to run your website on WpEngine then just move on. It’s highly recommended for WooCommerce store managers, high traffic blogs and also companies which are providing services through their wordpress website. Our team will surely give a 4.5/ 5 stars which makes it? yea! “Perfect”.

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